International Symposium on the Separation
of Natural and Synthetic Macromolecules


27-29 January 2020

Pitch Coaching

Welcome! You’re here for some Pitch Coaching!

A pitch is a short (approximately 3 minute) presentation in which the presenter tries to get across the essence of her or his research. Here, the main goal is to grab the attention of the viewer and keep them interested throughout the pitch. Ideally, after your pitch all viewers want to read your paper and learn even more about the research. 

It is often used in sales, where people pitch their proposals for funding. Here, we use it as a fun and interactive way for participants to present their interesting research to the audience of SCM-X. 

In previous SCM editions, we often used different approaches to present the research (such as a poster) and pitches are given in real life, however, since we’re limited to an online event, we ask our participants to record this pitch so we can post it to the SCM-X website.

So, what would we like from our participants?

At the online event, several pitches are selected by our industrial advisory board and our scientific committee. These researchers will be asked to perform their pitch live at the Awards Gala. From these, 3 will be awarded a prize!

Finally, some tips for a successful pitch

If you have any other questions about pitching at SCM-X, contact me at