International Symposium on the Separation and Characterization of Natural and Synthetic Macromolecules


27-29 January 2021

SCM-10 becomes SCM-X

Much to our regret, it is not possible to organize the SCM-10 conference in the (un-)usual way you have come to expect. The 10th live SCM conference will have to wait, probably until January 2023.

SCM-X Zoomposium

On the proposed days for SCM (January 27th – 29th) we will organize virtual afternoon sessions for the SCM community to promote the work advertised on the SCM-X website and – importantly – to interact with other members of the community. Also, awards will be presented to the best pitches submitted before January 13th, 2021.


Advertise & Pitch your Paper

SCM-X will provide you with a great opportunity to advertise your science within (and beyond) our community. Any scientific papers with publication year 2020 or 2021 that are within the scope of the SCM meeting can be highlighted at SCM-X. MSc and BSc theses may qualify if they can be downloaded from the website of your educational institute

You are invited to submit a pitch to highlight your work and to invite other researchers to read your full paper. Your pitch and the paper (or the abstract if it is not open access) will be made accessible from our website. We recommend pitches to be no longer than three minutes.

Award Sponsors

We greatly appreciate our sponsors that help making this Zoomposium a success. You can find their pitches here.


Sponsors & Exhibitors

Sponsors may contribute in two different ways. You may advertise scientific papers as part of the regular scientific program.
Companies that sponsored SCM-9 and those who are committed to sponsor an eventual live SCM-10 may also pitch their latest developments in technology
(instruments, software, consumables) with a reference to their website.

Get the Full Experience

1. Stay Informed

Receive new announcements on SCM-X.

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2. Register for Zoomposium

Create an account to register yourself for the Zoomposium. The registration is free of charge. 

Using your account, you will be able to access the special pages with pitches.

3. Participate

You are invited to propose the link to your paper (or upload it) to verify that it fits within the scope of the conference. Once accepted, you can create your pitch. The organization of SCM-X decides on final acceptance of the pitch.

Papers can be submitted throughout 2019, 2020 and 2021. However, to qualify for the SCM-X Awards, the following dates apply.

Key Dates


January 13th


January 13th


January 27-29th


SCM-X is organized by a team from the University of Amsterdam and the Vrije Universiteit, collaborating in the Centre for Analytical Sciences Amsterdam (CASA).

  • Peter Schoenmakers
  • Aleksandra Chojnacka
  • Rob Haselberg
  • Pascal Camoiras González
  • Saer Samanipour
  • Govert Somsen
  • Eva de Rijke
  • Andrea Gargano
  • Bob Pirok
  • Isabelle Kohler
  • Arian van Asten
  • Tom Aalbers
  • Alina Astefanei
  • Raya Sadighi
  • Lotte Schreuders

Scientific Committee

  • Patrice Castignoles (Australia)
  • Garry Corthals (Netherlands)
  • Gert Desmet (Belgium)
  • Albena Lederer (Germany)
  • Suhas Nawada (Netherlands)
  • Antje Potthast (Austria)
  • Wolfgang Radke (Germany)
  • Anouk Rijs (Netherlands)
  • André Striegel (USA)

Industrial Advisory Board

  • Rajesh Chitta (Sabic)
  • Rob Edam (Shell)
  • Erwin Kaal (DSM Life Science)
  • Edwin Mes (Dow Chemical)
  • Ron Peters (DSM Coating Resins)
  • Jindra Purmová (Nouryon)
  • Bastiaan Staal (BASF)
  • Ewoud van Tricht (Janssen Vaccines)
  • Kelly Zhang (Genentech)

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